” No risk. No magic.”

When you Google quotes about risk so many of them don’t mean much to me but this quote does.  When you take a life changing risk you don’t always succeed, but sometimes that doesn’t matter. Sometimes you stumble upon the magic like we did at the Learn & Play Cafe.

We are sad to announce that we have to close our doors. After completing a customer survey we know that over 70% of our customers are not willing to take the risk of coming in during a pandemic and we understand.

So with this post we want to say thank you for those magical moments. Thank you for sharing your kids with us. The Learn & Play Cafe was so much more than a play place – it was a community and we are going to miss it each and every day.
Magic moments we will miss:

  • Hugs from the kids!
  • A child crawling into my lap during story time,
  • Holding your babies while you ate or went to the washroom,
  • Seeing the kiddos develop… first steps, first crawl / scoot, first time climbing, first time eating whole foods.
  • The absolute joy when your little arrived at the Cafe (and the look of relief from parents when we served your your drink!!)
  • The look of mischief when a little did something they shouldn’t be (climbing on tables, banging toys, markers on the floor/wall/table)
  • The amazing creativity Mom’s put into birthday parties.
  • The laughter with our staff.

What we aren’t going to miss:

  • Washing dishes. 🤣
  • Washing toys 🤣

Thank you for sharing your families with us.

Deborah & Jennifer